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Take Me Back: Our 5th Anniversary in Aruba

No matter how I’m feeling, when I think back to Aruba, a smile instantly comes to my face. The summer of 2019 had a lot of great milestones. My husband and I both turned 30 and we were also celebrating our 5-year wedding anniversary! When planning our trips, we decided to do more modest birthday trips and splurge more on our anniversary trip since it’s a joint celebration. We narrowed it down to Jamaica or Aruba. I read a lot of travel blogs and asked people who I know personally that have been to both places.

After reviews and chatting, we decided to go with Aruba! Everyone who went to both locations said that they preferred Aruba. They had beautiful Caribbean climates that weren’t too hot and they rarely had rain. People also loved that you could freely leave the resort and go to local restaurants and shops.

We booked with our travel agent and were on our way! We stayed at the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino All Inclusive. It was one of the most incredible experiences ever! Since it was our anniversary, we decided to splurge and stay on the adult side. The family side was cheaper, but we wanted a pool with adults only (less splashing, more cocktails, and more relaxing). When we arrived, we grabbed our welcome cocktails and took in the scenery. It was a beautiful view from every angle.

One of the things I liked best about our stay is that there were tons of things to do as soon as you walked outside. As tourists, we didn’t feel comfortable venturing far, so it was nice to walk right outside to shops and restaurants.

We were in full tourist mode and shopped, took pictures, and explored the area.

Another thing I also loved about this location is that they just built a water underpass that takes you from the hotel to their private island. I didn’t realize that Renaissance owns the private island. So, if you’re visiting Aruba and staying somewhere else, you have to pay to visit the island. But for those who stayed at the resort, it was included!

On the private island, there was a flamingo island and an iguana island. It was great to see them up close and personal! The iguanas ate lettuce and watermelon. The flamingo island was an awe-inspiring experience! If you’re taking young kids, note that the flamingo island has specific hours where children can visit.

We also had a fun time showering with the flamingos. It was something I never imagined doing and something I’ll never forget! When we left, I definitely wanted to own one, but then I checked online and discovered it’s illegal to own a flamingo in the US. LOL!

We decided to have an anniversary shoot while there. We exchanged rings and held our own ceremony. The humidity was real and I did my best to keep my hair neat LOL. We renewed our vows at sunset.

Later, we had an anniversary dinner at the resort’s steakhouse. One thing I can say about this resort is that the food was amazing! Sometimes resort and hotel food can be a hit or miss, but the food was delicious.

We also opted for the party bus excursion, which was the best decision! A couple told us that they picked that experience and it was a lot of fun. We laughed, drank, and celebrated with people all night!

Aruba was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to go back! Next time we’re planning to stay on the family side and take our kids.

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