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Airbnbs I'm Loving!

I’m a hotel girl. I really love the experience and service they provide. When you go on vacation, one of the best parts is knowing that when you book your stay, you’ll have someone bringing you fresh towels, there’s a bar, room service, and many other amenities.

However, this year I decided to give Airbnb a try. I’ll be honest, I’ve heard of Airbnb for years, but was nervous based on some of the horror stories I’ve read. But to my surprise I’ve had a REALLY amazing experience each time. And in large part, I’ve loved the experience over many hotels.

A few people have asked that I share the locations, so I’ve created this blog post where I’ll share links of Airbnbs that I’ve stayed in personally. This list will be updated regularly. Make sure to also connect with me on Instagram and see my latest travels! And if you've stayed at any Airbnbs and have had a great experience, I'd love to know!


JUNE 2021

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