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Socially Distanced Date Night

COVID-19 hit all of us by surprise. We saw things in the news about other countries, but in March no one was prepared for what would happen in the coming weeks. Many people struggled emotionally, whether because they’re living alone and feeling lonely or if you’re a parent taking on the duties of a school teacher and everything else.

For the most part, I feel blessed that the balance was okay on most days. I mapped out my days and tried to keep them as productive as possible without burning myself out. But one thing I definitely missed was dates with my husband! Of course, you can have an in-home date, but it’s not the same feeling or experience, especially when you’ve been in the house for months.

Once things in Maryland started to reopen within phase 2 of the state’s reopening plan, my husband surprised me and took me out to lunch in Annapolis. At the time, restaurants could only have outside seating which had to be 6 ft. apart. We went to Pusser’s Caribbean Grille - a restaurant on the Annapolis Waterfront.

We had a great experience! The restaurant cleaned in between each table reservation and there was limited seating. The restaurant also provided mainly disposable items, to not cross-contaminate, including ketchup and mustard packets.

I remember just feeling so relaxed and happy to be on the water and feel the breeze while I chatted with my husband. If there is one thing I’ve taken away from these past few months is how much we can miss even those small things. Most of us never expected to not be able to hang out with family and friends or go to our favorite places. It’s reminded me to take in and appreciate even the smallest gestures.

How have you gotten creative with date night?

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