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My Kids Get Crafty: Birdhouse Edition

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Like many of you, quarantine may have brought about different interests. From sewing to painting, with more time at home, we’ve had a chance to try things we’ve had on our to-do lists and even find entertainment in unexpected ways.

Since we’ve been home, we’ve made sure to keep the kids engaged with activities, especially those that keep them off of their electronics. We love going in the backyard to play basketball, use chalk, and blow bubbles.

When I was shopping in Target one day, I saw their activity aisle and noticed a birdwatching kit. I thought it would be fun, so I grabbed a kit!

We purchased this set from Target. The kids instantly loved it when we showed them, especially my daughter who is almost five years old. We have a lot of trees in the backyard, so she enjoyed having a better view of the birds at the top of the trees.

Each week, I try to do an activity that’s fun and engaging for the kids (this was even before quarantine). I love DIY projects and fun activities that also provide us with more family time.

This Target discovery sparked an idea. Birdhouses! We could take our watching a step further and make birdhouses. For most of my crafting projects, I purchase the items from Michaels. I like Michaels because they have a great in-store selection, good deals, and I’m a rewards member, so I always receive coupons via email.

I already had some paint and kids’ aprons in the house, so I purchased birdhouses, brush and stencil sets, and a few additional paint colors. We also purchased bird seeds from Petsmart.

Things to Note:

  • Pay attention to the type of bird seeds you purchase. If you are hanging this outside of your place, you’ll need to ensure the seeds are for wild birds (and not domestic pet birds).

  • Pay attention to the type of birds that will eat your seeds. On the front of the bag, it’ll list the birds that eat the seed mix.

  • Buy drop cloth to cover your table and floor. We purchased plastic drop cloths from Lowes.

  • Ensure the paint you purchase can be used on wood surfaces.

I set up a work area on the deck. I placed the cloth down and created stations for each of my children. Their stations included a birdhouse, paintbrush set, and plate (for their plain). In the center of the table, I put a bowl of water (to clean their brushes), paint, and paper towels. Then it was time to let them create magic!

It was a fun activity and we stayed outside for a few hours. We then left the birdhouses outside overnight to dry. They came out great!

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