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Kids’ Room Makeover Pt. 1

For the past two years, I REALLY wanted to completely redo my kids’ room. But the last year or so, I really began talking about it more. Their rooms were nice, but I wanted a complete overhaul. I mentioned it to my husband in 2019 and then in early 2020, we started planning for it.

The major change is that our children would no longer share rooms. Our son Rashad, 12, and daughter, Riann, almost five, have always shared a room since we brought her home from the hospital. I loved that they were together and always had each other. At night they would talk (even sometimes past their bedtime) and laugh and play. But as my son was heading into preteen years, I knew it was important for him to have his own space. I also really wanted a super girly room for my daughter.

The actual room overhaul started in March/April and began with their floors. One of the “must-have” changes was hardwood floors. Carpet can be hard to keep clean, especially with children. They would eat their snacks and sometimes dinner in their room, which resulted in stains and constant vacuuming. I knew that having hardwood floors meant that spills wouldn’t be as much of a headache.

We decided to go with dark wood floors and it was the best decision ever! It looks really sleek and immediately made their rooms seemed larger. I was SO happy when the contractors started pulling up the carpet LOL.

Once the flooring was done, I started working on their actual room design. The major challenge is that this was all happening during COVID-19. I’m a person that prefers to go into stores and view items before purchasing, especially large ticket items like furniture. But with everything happening and no certainty on when things would reopen, I decided to take my chances and shop online!

Before shopping, I focused on the design inspiration for their rooms, so I would have direction when shopping. My son moved into the computer/guest room. When I looked up preteen/teen boys rooms, there were tons of blues and warm colors, the furniture had an adult feel, but there were decor pieces that still made it youthful. My son loves basketball, so I knew we would go in that direction.

We saw a soccer goal-designed bed that we loved a lot! The main challenge is that it was for twin beds. With my son getting his own room and getting older, we wanted him to transition into a full-sized bed instead. If we wanted a soccer goal bed in a full size, it would have to be custom-made, which would take months. We decided to keep looking. We then found a nice bedroom set that had a cool mesh design. We purchased the full bed, entertainment center, side table, and foot chest.

With most stores being closed, we purchased the bedding and some of the decor from Target. Here is the bedset, scoreboard clock, and cactus lamp.

For Riann’s room, I wanted to go with pink as her base but knew we wanted to go bright and bold to match her personality. Just as a test, we showed her two pink paint samples. One was soft pink and the other was hot pink. Of course, she picked hot pink!

I looked at room inspiration and wanted to go with Moroccan-themed colors that are radiant and bold. For the colors, we went with hot pink, orange, yellow, and purple. While we did an accent wall in Rashad’s room, we decided to do stripes on Riann’s wall.

For her bed, we wanted something fun and not just a traditional twin bed. We saw one that had a slide, but we became concerned with the ladder. It meant that she would have to climb a ladder to get in bed every night. We were also concerned if she woke up in the middle of the night and forgot about climbing down the ladder. We opted for the bed with stairs. We purchased the bed from Max & Lily and we absolutely LOVE it! We found most of the decor for her room at target too, including her bedding, floating bookshelf, trash can, and vases.

Now that stores are reopening, we are finishing the final touches on both rooms. Stay tuned for part 2, which will include the full room reveal!

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