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First Post-COVID Travel

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

One of my favorite ways to enjoy my free time is traveling! I love being able to see and explore new places with my family. When COVID-19 happened, everything was impacted, especially travel. As my birthday approached (in June), things were opening back up. I was really torn on if I wanted to stay home or travel. I weighed the pros and cons and chatted with some friends. I ultimately made the decision to travel because businesses were socially distancing and being precautious.

We ended up going to one of my favorite places, Florida. I originally planned to go with my husband and kids. But with COVID, we decided to go alone. I was a little nervous but decided not to give in to fear. I talked to one of my girlfriends and she felt like if you’re socially distancing while traveling, it’s pretty much the same as when we’re home grocery shopping or at work. We know that we won’t be able to avoid humans forever, but we can do our part to stay safe, but also enjoy yourselves. We took off from Richmond International Airport. The airport only had a few people and even at 6 am, the staff were cleaning and everyone was practicing social distance.

On our flight, they shared rules for staying safe and one adjustment was that everyone had on masks. You only could take it off when eating or if you had a medical condition. Overall, everyone was very respectful.

When we arrived it Miami, it was similar. Inside of buildings, you had to wear your mask; however, outside, you didn’t need to have it on. On the beach, they asked that you wear it until you pick out your spot and to ensure you spaced yourself on the beach between the people around you.

The same applied to restaurants and hotels. There was outside dining and everyone was separated. If you ate inside, you had to wear your mask until you arrived at your table. Restaurants were seating at 50% capacity only, to allow for space between tables.

Overall, I felt very safe. My general feeling throughout the trip was that businesses were eager and grateful to be open again. The staff truly cared about their safety as well as the safety of their guests. We saw staff wiping down everywhere we went after each guest. Owners and managers stopped by and asked how things were going.

If you’re going to travel, of course, that has to be a personal decision that you’re comfortable with. If you want to verify procedures, don’t hesitate to contact businesses in advance to see what social distancing measures they’re implementing.

If you want to know more about my travel-related experience, feel free to shoot me a message on Instagram or via email at

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