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Vola’s Dockside: Views and Good Food

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

As you’ve probably noticed from reading this blog or following me on social media, I love going out! I love exploring new places. It's really important for me to do this with my family, as it's one of the ways we get to get away from work and school and just have a great time together.

A few Saturdays ago, we spent the day at the Old Towne Alexandria waterfront. We love hanging out at the National Harbor, but this was our first time here. Being a Marylander, I'm always on the hunt for waterfront restaurants— they create such a fun and relaxing vibe.

During my search, I found Vola's Dockside. From the pictures and reviews, the restaurant looked great, so we decided to take the kids on Saturday since the weather forecast was great.

When we arrived, we were left speechless! The area was so beautiful and clean. There were tons of restaurants and shops and my mind went into overdrive LOL. I immediately was so excited about all of the fun to come.

One note: We forgot the stroller. So, if you have young kids, I definitely recommend it as it's water, lots of people, and lots of walking.

As usual, we took a few pictures and videos and then started to explore. There was tons of space for kids to run and play and Riann immediately started running around.

Vola's doesn't take reservations in advance for their outdoor seating, so if you want to eat there, you'll have to come in person and put your name on the list. The wait was about two hours (eeekk)! If it was just Rasoul and I, it would be fine. But it was still a little windy and we had Rori, plus Rashad and Riann were hungry. We decided to check for the inside. The wait was only an hour, which was more manageable.

Their inside seating does take reservations online and in advance, but we initially wanted to eat outside so we didn't make them. We decided to put our name on the list for inside, then we walked around to explore to pass the time. We grabbed ice cream for Riann, checked out the other restaurants, and before we knew it, they called us! The person before us canceled their reservation, so we were able to be seated for about 45 minutes instead.

We ordered the crab hush puppies and Caesar salad for appetizers. The hush puppies were really good and the seafood tasted fresh. Rashad had the kid’s shrimp entree and Riann had the chicken tenders. My mom had the pineapple glazed salmon. Rasoul and I had the shrimp po’boy sandwiches.

The food was great, the service was outstanding, and overall everyone seemed really friendly. After we left, we grabbed Riann a light-up balloon and explored a bit more before heading home.

Overall, this spot is great for hanging out with family, solo, as a couple, or with your friends! Make sure to follow me on IG for more on family outings, recipes, and other content.

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