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5-Minute Peach Margarita Cocktail

I love a good marg! And one thing I've learned when entertaining is to work smarter, and not harder. That's why today, on National Margarita Day, I'm sharing a 5 minute recipe that is simple yet delicious! And no I'm not being dramatic, it will really only take you 5 minutes!

Check out this yummy peach margarita recipe:

Here's what you'll need:

For the peach margarita, it can be served on the rocks, frozen, or chilled. Frozen is my favorite but for this video I made it chilled. I prefer chilled so the ice doesn't start to melt and water down my drink.

Use your citrus fruit to rim your glass then place it in sugar or salt. I'm a sugar only girl. Something about licking salt just doesn't sit right with me LOL!

Garnish and you're done!

Drop a comment and let me know your favorite margarita flavor! And make sure to check out my 5-Minute Peach Margarita Reel!

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