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Safe Sipping: Non-Alcoholic Bellini

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

While quarantined, I’ve been enjoying making new dishes and drinks with my family. I enjoy making food and drinks that not only excite my palette, but also my eyes! Beautiful dishes make my soul dance — I love beautiful platters, decor, and garnishes. Since I’m pregnant, I’ve been creating beautiful mocktails!

One of my favorite drinks is bellinis. Mimosas are a hugely popular breakfast drink and bellinis are not as popular, but equally delicious.

Bellinis originated in Italy and it’s essentially Prosecco and peach puree.

Jay’s Non-Alcoholic Bellini Recipe

First, you want to gather your ingredients. You’ll need:

Then, you’ll need to gather your glasses. I enjoy really nicely designed cocktail glasses! It just makes everything feel a little fancier ;-)

For this cocktail, I opted to use our glasses with copper detailing.

Next, you’ll add your grenadine. It’s not an absolute must, but I like to add a bit to create a variation in color.

Next, I add in my peach bellini mix. You can also substitute with peach puree — this can be purchased or by using a blender to your peaches.

Then, add the bubbly!

Next, top off your drink with your garnishes! You can use freshly sliced peaches, rosemary, and blueberries!

Then serve!

Have questions about this recipe or other entertaining ideas? Let’s chat!

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