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How to Style Your Valentine’s Day Bar Cart 💕

I love bar carts! They are a cute way to elevate your space or event. And the great thing is you can find them in all shape, sizes, and price points to meet your needs.

This month, revamp your cart to celebrate love! And no, this isn’t only if you have a partner. It can be just for you, your kids, or family and friends.

Here are a few tips to style your Valentine's Day bar cart:

Examine the amount of space on the cart: You don’t want your cart to be too full. I like to leave space that will allow me to grab items I need. The worst thing is trying to grab a glass and you knock something over or spill something. Give yourself room to interact with the items on the cart.

Select a color palette. Narrowing down the colors will help make your selection process easier when shopping. I like to have various shades in the palette to create more dimension. For this one, I stuck to various shades of pink, red, and white. And the green from the flowers and limes brings in a different element.

Play around with height. I don’t like having things all the same height. This again will help to create more dimension by having some things that are higher (like bottles and vases) and things that are shorter (like small bowls or laying magazines or a book flat).

Want more styling and entertaining tips? Make sure to connect with my on Instagram and YouTube!

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