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How To Set Up a DIY Mimosa Bar

I LOVE mimosas! They are a classic breakfast and brunch staple! One way I like to elevate my at-home breakfast experience is with a mimosa bar.

And you may be wondering, what is a mimosa bar? It’s a hands-on way to display your mimosas! I love them because I’m huge on interactive experiences, especially with food and drinks. Instead of simply handing someone a premade mimosa, this allows them to engage in options for garnishes and juice choices. These are also great for next party or gathering!

Start With a Grocery List

First, you’ll need to go shopping. To help, I first decide on the flavor mimosas I want to offer. This will allow you to know what ingredients to purchase.

For the basics, you’ll need:

  • Assorted Juices

  • Champagne (You can also substitute for sparkling wine and non-alcoholic champagne/wine)

  • Glasses

  • Garnishes

  • Serveware

  • Barware

  • Flowers and Decorations

Tip: For juice flavors, I recommend including the classic orange juice option. For fun and unique flavors, I recommend pineapple, pomegranate, and strawberry. Make sure to also check out my mango peach and cranberry apple mimosa recipes!

Decide On Your Set Up

After you go shopping, the next important thing is to decide where you’ll set up your mimosa bar. A great part about having an interactive station is that they can serve as a focal point for your gathering. Place your mimosa bar in a central place where guests will be.

Then the fun part! Setting up your station! If you're not sure which color palette to pick, you can never go wrong with all white or clear! The beautiful colors of the juices and fruit will make the station pop!

Also if you can, try to get one brand/label of champagn.e This will help in having a unformed look on the table. If you have to buy a variety of brands, only display the ones that are the same. The additional options can be kept somewhere else and you can pour it directly into the cups.

Tip: Make sure to label your juices, in case anyone has a food allergy.

Let's Drink!

Remember that a great feature of mimosa bars is that it's interactive and fun! When welcoming guests, show them to the mimosa station, point out the flavor options, and also share your favorite flavor -- it's a great conversation starter!

Need more entertaining tips? Make sure to connect with me on Instagram!

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