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How to Host a Charcuterie Competition Party

My cousins and I usually get together once a month. It's something I always look forward to. Usually we go to dinner or have game night. A few weeks ago we hosted a charcuterie competition party, which was a lot more fun than I thought it would be!

Charcuterie (pronounced "shahr-ku-tuh-ree") is the preparation and assembly of cured meats and meat products. A charcuterie board is an assortment of meats, cheeses, artisan breads, olives, fruit, jam, and nuts, all artfully arranged on a serving board.

The goal of a charcuterie board is to create a pleasing contrast between the different qualities in each bite-size food item. Charcuterie is of French origin and has since become very popular outside of France. It has evolved to include a variety of foods besides meats.

Fun fact: the English pronunciation of charcuterie varies slightly from the original French. The correct French pronunciation of charcuterie is "shar-coo-tree."

My cousins sent out a formal invite (fancy) and explained the rules:

  1. Must create a charcuterie board

  2. Must provide a name for your board

  3. Create a fun presentation and share with attendees

The judges then selected the winner based on creativity, presentation, and taste.

I have to admit, my cousins showed up and out! And it was fun to witness the friendly competition. My cousins created unique boards with a variety of cheeses, chocolates, and crackers.

When thinking through board ideas, I knew I wanted to do something different. I decided to do a taco board. I LOVE tacos --- one of my favorite foods ever!

My board was called, "Let's Taco 'Bout It" and included ground beef, hard and soft shells, pico de Gallo, sour cream, guacamole, cheese, chips, and bell peppers. We had margaritas and limes on the side.

The judges were our kids. And when I say they didn't go easy on us LOL. I was shocked at how seriously they took their jobs. But they gave us really great feedback.

In the end, I won! I was really excited.

This is a fun event, really engaging, and great to do with family, friends, or coworkers!

If you host a charcuterie competition, make sure to tag me on Instagram!

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