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Jay’s Fall-Inspired Sparkling Blush Mocktail

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Just like most people, I LOVE a good cocktail! But while working out with my trainer she shared a few things that shocked me. I already knew alcohol has empty calories, but I was surprised to find out that liquor stays in your system for days, slowing down your metabolism. So yes, you may be burning calories and working out, but you won't burn as much as you could if you didn't consume alcohol.

I decided to increase the mocktails I make to replace some of my cocktails. I’ve definitely enjoyed mocktails while pregnant (see my non-alcoholic bellini recipe), but since I'm no longer pregnant, I haven't thought about making them.

For my first mocktail this month, I wanted to try something fall-inspired. The seasons have changed and I’m excited to get into all the fall flavors.

Let's get into the recipe!

Jay’s Fall-Inspired Sparkling Blush Mocktail

First Select Your Fruit: I decided to go with fall fruits like pears and apples. I also added in orange slices and cinnamon sticks. I love cinnamon sticks in my fall drinks. They’re not only yummy, but really elevate the look of your drink.

Select Your Non-Alcoholic Mixer: If this was an alcoholic drink, you’d use champagne, prosecco, or your favorite wine. Since we’re doing a mocktail, I decided to use Martinelli’s Sparkling Blush. This drink by itself is really yummy! It has a fruity, apple flavor and it's sparkling, so it has a nice bubbly taste and look.

I like to make many of my drinks in advance; however, since this is sparkling, I like to pour it when the party starts (or when I'm ready to drink). The worst thing ever is a drink that's flat!

Entertaining Tip: Interactive drinks are always a hit! One way to elevate your guest experience is my having the fruits sliced and displayed and allowing your guests to pick their fruits and then you fill their cups with bubbly!

You can also place the fruit and ingredients in the cups in advance and then pour the bubbly as they arrive! Your choice!

For barware, I used my double-wall champagne flutes. These glasses are the perfect addition to your collection.

Decorating Tip: If you’re planning to decorate the area where you're placing your drinks, I suggest adding fresh fruit and seasonal flowers to tie in the look.

This is the perfect drink to relax after a long day or for your fall dinners and events.

If you make this drink, make sure to tag me on Instagram!

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