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How I Prepare for the Week 💫

Everyone loves the weekend because you get to unwind from the work week whether that’s taking a much needed rest or treating yourself with a fun activity.

While enjoying your time, you know the inevitable new work week is approaching, which may cause you to have anxiety and feelings of overwhelm.

The work week doesn’t have to be dreadful when you’re prepared! For me, Sundays set the tone for the week ahead. To help my week flow a bit easier, here are a few things I do on Sundays:

  • Meal Prep: One of the most dreaded questions during the week is, "What should I eat?" I've learned that meal prepping on the weekend helps to make the week go by much smoother. I can go through my days without worrying about what I should eat, remembering to take a meat out the freezer, or ordering out when I don't want to cook.

  • Review My Planner: On Sundays I like to review my planner from the week before to see if there’s anything that didn’t get done. If there is, I move it to the upcoming week. I also like to take time to review my upcoming week. If there are any meetings or physical appointments, I highlight them so they stand out.

  • Double Check Asana: Asana is a project management tool I use for my business. I look through assignments that are due on Monday and if there is anything urgent that will require my attention first thing in the morning. I also see what needs to be done for the week and divide it across the days, so no one day is overloaded.

  • Double Check for Any Appointments/Meetings: Then I make sure they’re in my physical planner and my google calendar, so I receive an alert on my phone.

  • Plan for Self-Care: With so many obligations during the week, I make sure that I’ve built in time for myself in my week, whether it’s a movie, pedi, exercise, hair appointment, or leisure reading.

How do you plan for the week ahead?

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