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FRE Wines

When you’re pregnant, there are certain things you just miss! And the 9-10 month period without them can feel like an eternity. While of course, the health of your baby is always paramount, you can’t deny that you miss those things you normally enjoy. When you’re pregnant, you can’t go out of the country, no hot tubs, steamy showers, and a lot more! One thing I definitely missed this time around is wine! I enjoy having a glass of wine to wind down after a long week or when I’m out in social settings.

There are studies that show an occasional glass of red wine isn’t harmful to your baby; however, I don’t trust it LOL. I would much rather not risk it then a different study comes out later and shows the opposite. I’ve seen mocktails and decided to research some non-alcoholic wines. I went to a local wine store, Crescent Wine & Spirits, in my neighborhood and they had a huge selection! I stumbled across the brand FRE Wines. I grabbed the red blend, Merlot, Moscato, and Chardonnay.

So what are my HONEST thoughts on these? They are amazing! I was pleasantly surprised! My favorite so far has been the red blend.

If you drink wine, the main difference you’ll notice is that the wines are a little “weaker.” In a way, they taste the same except they taste a bit like a watered-down version. To combat that I add fresh fruit to mine, which helps to sweeten the drinks.

Overall, I’m super happy with these drinks and I don’t feel left out when my husband is enjoying his glass of wine outside in the evening. I’ve been purchasing these throughout my pregnancy and plan to purchase a few more of their options including the Sparkling Rose and Sparkling Brut!

I really think these are a great option if you’re pregnant and want a special drink. But I’ll also be incorporating these into my entertaining and events after I’m pregnant. I have a few friends that don’t drink and this is a great option to have available when hosting!

Follow me on Instagram to see some of the drinks I’m mixing up!

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