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Fells Point Gem: V-NO Wine Bar

Ever visit a place and you know from the moment you walk in the door you’ll be back? LOL!

This was my experience at V-NO Fells Point. On our anniversary staycation, we spent time in Fells Point, which has been on my list to visit for a while. Rasoul actually set up this surprise date! Before Rori and COVID, visiting wine vineyards and wine bars was our favorite date activity. Situated right next to the waterfront, V-NO Wine Bar and Shop has a cozy and quaint feel. As soon as we walked in, their staff member, Karen, gave us the warmest welcome and told us to come on in!

They had a great selection of wine for you to purchase by the glass or bottle. They also had a huge selection of wine and other drinks that you can purchase.

We ended up buying a bottle of McBride Sisters’ wine as a souvenir. I’ve had this brand on my list to purchase for a while, so it was cool to see it in the shop.

We purchased a few glasses of wine, but the true star of the day was the Frosé popsicles! The menu said to ask the staff for the specialty of the day, which was strawberry! Imagine Rosé and strawberries made into the cutest popsicle! I may have had 1 (or three!).

They also sell charcuterie and cheese boards, pizza, and more! One of the best parts was the warm feeling. Locals calling each other by name, and everyone being friendly.

We visited during the week, so we were able to easily grab a spot. But we were told it gets super crowded on the weekend and it’s hard to get through the door.

This is a spot that you don’t want to miss! So check it out and let me know what you think!

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