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Team Bonding 2.0: Virtual Cocktail-Making

Every year, I like to celebrate a year of hard work and spend time on non-business-related things with my teams at J. Simms Events and J. Simms PR & Marketing. It’s a great time to bond and really get to know each other outside of assignments, deadlines, and meetings. In order to stay safe during the pandemic, we came up with a list of virtual options including holiday cookie making, ornament making, make-up class, and cocktail-making. We all voted and decided to do a virtual cocktail-making class!

Coincidentally, a former classmate of mine, Yetta, owner of Y Bar has a side business that does mobile bartending. Of course, with COVID weddings and events were delayed so she adapted and started offering virtual classes in the meantime.

For our event, Yetta put together cute, customized boxes that featured all the ingredients we would need to make our drinks, a Peartini and a Blueberry Lavender Fizz, including lime and lemon juice, pear nectar, and pear vodka, apple whiskey, tequila, and more.

Besides ingredients, each box included:

  • A customized wine glasses with each person’s name

  • A cocktail shaker

  • A double jigger

  • A Bar spoon

  • A pestle

  • A branded shot class

Yetta walked us through each recipe step by step so it was easy to follow and answered all of our questions along the way. My team and I learned a lot. For example, did you know that simple syrup is just sugar and water?

Our Peartinis were made with ice, lemon juice, pear nectar, apple-flavored Crown whiskey, pear vodka, and simple syrup. Yetta shared that you can also top off your drink with tonic water or even champagne if you want yours a little bubbly. The Blueberry Lavender fizz was made with muddle blueberries, lavender syrup, lime juice, vodka, and tonic water. We garnished our glasses with lavender stems that Yetta provided.

Both our drinks tasted yummy and we even played a round of Bingo for a few prizes from Yetta. The class was a super fun experience and can be adjusted as needed if you have a mixed age group like I do since my company has an intern.

You can follow Yetta on Instagram. If you decide to have your own virtual cocktail-making party, share the pictures and let me know what drinks you make.

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