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Bye Bye, 20’s!

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Sometimes it’s still hard to believe it, but I’m 30 now! Ekkkkk!!!!!

When I think back to when I was a child, like most people, I thought 30 was “old.” 30 seemed like an age when you have your entire life together. The house, the man, the car, the job, the kids -- all picture-perfect! As I got older, I realized that picture-perfect is only for movies.

It started with my friends who turned 30 a few years before me. Seeing their transition really helped me with mine.

My friends started freaking out the closer they got to 30. Like most of us, they planned out how their life “should” look by a certain age. And the fact that they weren’t there was stressing them out, and even caused them to be depressed leading up to their birthday.

I knew I didn’t want to feel sad or regretful leading up to my birthday, so about a year in advance, I started to think about where I saw myself at the big 3-0. Then, I started working towards that plan. For example, I knew I wanted to reprioritize my health and fitness (which I was inconsistent with the past few years), so I made a plan that involved working out and eating right every day. I also pulled back on some other work, so that I could focus on my wellness.

The weeks and months leading up to 30, I was antsy and excited, but overall really happy. I was in a great place in my marriage, career, and with my kids.

Thinking back on my 20s, there were a lot of HARD lessons, but they made me better. I feel confident and successful now at 30 because of those difficult times in my 20s. While I probably didn’t embrace them at the moment, I value them so much now.

One time, I remember seeing my friend’s mom with a high-powered job and corner office. I told her I wanted that so badly! I wasn’t making a ton at the time and all of my money seemed to go to childcare! She told me to focus on building my skills and the money would come. That was something that stuck with me during my 20s and still guides me today.

I think in your 20s, you spend so much time trying to figure things out and just questioning a lot. Are you making the right decisions? Is this the best investment? When will all this hard work pay off?

At 30, it feels so good! A lot of the building that you do in your 20s comes to fruition in your 30s. A lot of the things that you worry about in your 20s, you don’t focus on as much when you turn 30. You’ve lived (and learned) a bit. You’ve learned to embrace YOU. And you’re ready to take on the world!

While many people mourn their youth, I’m looking forward to this next decade of exploration and authenticity! Bye bye 20s, hello 30 :-)

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