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Cookbook Review: 'Food for Life' by Laila Ali

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

After restarting my wellness journey and dropping 20 pounds (see my 6-week, 20-pound challenge post), I wanted to keep my healthy lifestyle going!

I’ve eaten healthy in the past, but like many people the main challenges were:

  1. A lot of healthy meals don’t always taste great.

  2. Meal prepping is overwhelming.

To tackle the first issue, I decided to purchase a cookbook. Yes, I know I can look up recipes online. But, I look at my screen all day at work and in business, then with scrolling social media. I wanted to be able to put my phone down while cooking.

I decided to go into the store so I could flip through and take a peek before I committed to a new book. I took an early morning trip to Barnes & Noble. Coffee in hand, I looked through cookbooks that I thought would include great dishes that my family and I would love.

Some weren’t so great, but I came across two that really sparked my interest. I decided to go with Food for Life by Laila Ali! The reason I decided to go with Laila Ali’s cookbook over the other is that the pictures and recipes immediately captured my attention! I absolutely knew that my family and I would love them!

I got home and couldn’t wait to start looking through the cookbook.

I’m not being dramatic when I say that this cookbook does not disappoint -- AT ALL! I love the personal stories that Laila shares about her childhood and love of food. All of the recipes are so delicious, but also healthy! My kids LOVE all of the dishes and they often come back for their 2nd and 3rd plate (best feeling ever)! We’ve made so many of the dishes, but my favorites have been the chicken and egg breakfast tacos, ground turkey tacos, oven “fried” chicken wings, and shrimp stir-fry.

You can follow me on Instagram as I share these meals and more!

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